The leading multifunction printer application for
managing all prints, scans and copies.

OptimiDoc Benefits

OptimiDoc helps your business increase the efficiency of corporate documents. It simplifies and speeds up the work of your employees, protects your documents and minimizes corporate costs, all thanks to its tools for security, printing, scanning, control of costs and monitoring of the device state.

The app reinvents scanning and printing. It handles your paperwork much easier, faster and more effectively. It’s the only cloud-based solution enabling extensions for server-like functions. And best of all, OptimiDoc is suitable for companies of any size!

Scanning and printing made easy for your business!

OptimiDoc Cloud

OptimiDoc Print Management and Document Capture Applications

The cloud application is available and easy to use for any user of Xerox devices. It enhances scanning, converts documents into the multiple formats and transfers it to the user’s e-mail.

OptimiDoc Server

OptimiDoc Print Management and Document Capture Applications

The server application manages all prints, scans and copies within an organization extending the functionality of multifunction devices and making document processing easy.